Wide Loads on Bridge Street, Manotick – June 2016

The Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA) contacted OWBA regarding the problem of trucks with wide loads  endangering pedestrians while crossing the bridge on Bridge Street. OWBA President Gino Milito and Secretary Gerrie Kautz met with the president of the MVCA and discussed the problem, including the fact that the new Vimy Bridge would be a better truck route but that the roads leading to the bridge have trucking restrictions.  Gino subsequently contacted the CEO of the trucking company concerned and informed him of the MVCA’s complaint, explaining that OWBA was working to help the company before the issue escalates.  The company agreed to reroute the trucks.

Food Service Inspections – May 2016

President Gino of the OWBA with George’s assistance were able to help a local company sort out an issue of city food inspection.